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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
Weekly Log Page for November 1-7

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Halley went to her "Minnie's" house today after school. (Minnie is her grandmother, my mom) When I picked her up, she looked at me and said, "Bibbie?", and I said, "yes, you are going to Minnie's house". She was there until about 10 pm, and she was still going when I picked her up. My mom was exhausted. Halley was good, but she does require alot. You have to look at her to know what she says, and she is very physical, meaning, everything she does, takes physical action to make up for the verbal. When we picked her up she said,"Wickle", and I looked and she was showing me a whistle. Another new word for her. She finally got to bed about 11:30, and went to sleep pretty quickly. She will be tired in the morning. I hope tomorrow is not "meltdown day".

Friday, November 2, 2001

SEE ESSAY PAGE......CALLED "I HAD A BAD DAY", this will explain the whole day, it is not worth repeating!

Saturday/Sunday November 3-4, 2001

I have to say Saturday, the behavior issues were not any better than Friday. I lost it today, and cried. I told me husband, I just could not do it anymore, the held me and assured me I could, that I did not have a choice. He sat down with Halley and told her that Mommy and Daddy are in charge and that she has to listen to the rules. He told her not to show her butt anymore. (Now let's hope she understood that last sentence, 4 year olds can take things quite literally!) After the conversation with her dad, things seem to be better.
Sunday- What a huge improvement! She had a better attitude today, a couple of times she tried to go there, but stopped herself. She is so much fun to be around when she isn't nasty like that. I have decided to limit the sugar, she binged for 2 days on Halloween candy, and this could have contributed to the behavior issues. The talk with Daddy helped alot. Tonight when it was time to read her a story before bedtime, I read her 4 quick little Winnie the Pooh books, hugged and kissed her, a few minutes later when I was walking past her room, I saw that she was reading outloud, so I asked her if she would read to me, I sat down with her, she pointed at the pictures and grunted. I told her to read the words like Mommy does, and I told her I would help her. We then went through every single word in the book, and she repeated every word after me, she read two whole books to me!! It was great, I was so proud of her. We will do that every night, It is so good for her. She wants to read, and we are going to start learning.

Monday, November 5, 2001

Everything seems to be going fine, the talk with Daddy, seemed to help the behavior issues. The verbal expressions are still going great. She read with me two stories tonight, and seems to like it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Today, when she got home, she had huge splinter in her thumb. The teachers said they tried all day to get it out but could not. I held her down, and she just went into a rage. She was kicking and screaming, she was so mad at me. I got the splinter out, and all is well.
Tonight we watched "The Road to El Dorado", and she talked the entire time. She said Spain, and gold, and reapeated alot of the words that the characters said. During the movie, they two guys were in a rowboat, about to get knocked over by a larger ship, said,"Holy Ship", and she repeated that, and I was unsure what her exact words were, it was kindof funny, but then again....

Thursday, November 7, 2001

Today, Halley did not go to school, My mom and I took her to see Toy Story 2 on Ice. She was fascinated by the whole day! We rode "MARTA" downtown, and watched the show. She was quiet during most of the show. She now does this imitation of Buzz and him skating.
Before we left this morning, we had a little "episode", she did not want to get dressed, had a real hard time this morning. I am not sure why, if maybe because it was a change in routine, or what. It only lasted an appropriate 15 minutes.
Quiet most of the day, not real chatty, though this is how she normally acts in busy, public places.

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