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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)

December 2001

I will now be adding to the site by month. As day by day, the progress is there, but the site is growing, and by adding more children, I need to be able to devote more time to them as well. I will be adding on days where there is more progress/regress, so continue to check back, as I will still be updating often!

Over the past week, I have noticed Halley on a plateau. Though there has been no regression, I have not noticed any surges either. The one week where she slept really well, and fell asleep really earlier, lasted just that. For the past two weeks, she has been up again until about 11pm.
Then yesterday (Monday, December 10) she fell asleep at 5:30, and basically slept through the night (except waking up at 10:30 because she wet the bed) and going back to sleep in my bed. She is already asleep tonight, and it is 9:30, she fell asleep about 45 minutes ago. So this week she is back to a nice sleeping pattern.
Tonight, she had a surge, she was just a chatter box! She came home from school and saw donuts on the counter, grabbed the box and said,"dono's", and then tried to hide them in her cabinet, and said,"Daddy no eat." (She knows Daddy will eat all the dono's tonight!)
I do not think she took a breath all night!
I am considering adding one more pill, but if I do, I will post it here, and give you full details as to why....

December 13, 2001 - Today I spoke with Halley's other speech therapist that works for the county. I asked her how Halley is doing, how often she is still seeing her, and if Halley was doing better. She told me that Halley is improving alot. That her overall speech is better, and that she is cooperating better as before she seemed to be in her little shell. She said that in a group she is doing much better, and if the other kids do not answer, she will jump in and answer for them. She does not like to have her turn skipped, as before, she could care less. She said that Halley was withdrawn before, and now she is not.
She meets with Halley twice a week in groups of 4, for about 40 minutes a session.
I just laugh to myself, as she is unaware of the Pro-Efa also. I will tell them both, and probably sooner than later. It will interesting to see their response, and though I never want to take Halley off of the Pro-Efa, I would like to prove to them that it is, and I might just to prove that Pro-Efa has been the extra boost in her speech and behavior issues.

December 15-16, 2001
I did not give Halley her Pro-Efa today, as things got busy and I just forgot. She did however take a 3-1/2 hours nap, which is just unheard of in this house.
On the 16th- I gave Halley her Pro-Efa today, and I want to increase her supplement to 3, however it is hard because there is a limited number of things I can put it in, that she will take it without knowing.
I woke up this morning, and she brought me into her room, and showed me her closet, I looked at it, and did not say a word, I actually did not notice anything...until she said, "Clean", and I said Oh my God, Halley you cleaned your closet and your room!! She replied NAY!! I gave her a huge hug, it was actually amazing! This is probably amazing out of any child. She helped me fold laundry and put laundry away. It was a very nice morning.
We have added Halley to the talking page, and you can find the link at the bottom of the page, if you are interested.
I am not seeing alot of new words, we are still working on signs, and her articulation. There is still a long road to go on, but everyday is a blessing where she can tell me something. One word at a time! That is part of the reason I want to increase her Pro-Efa, just to see if we can get her past this plateau she is on....

December 18, 2001

We seem to really be on a plateau, we are having some attitude problems, though nothing like what it was before Pro-Efa. Though she tries everyday to say new words, like yesterday morning, she kiss her daddy goodbye, said I love you, then he said I love you too, she then tried three times and said love you too. Bless her heart, I know this must be tough for her, I want to increase her dosage, just not sure how I can get her to take it.

December 21, 2001

Today Halley spoke on the phone with my mom, and my mom told me how choppy Halley sounded today, and that she must not be feeling well, and sure enough that is the case. She has a cold, and now tonight I think she has the flu. I think because she can not tell me. We went shopping and out to eat, while we were shopping, we heard the "Grinch" song, and she would sing in the store, the Grinch part, when it would say," You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch", she would sing, "Grinch". It was too cute!
Then when we went out to eat, she was acting really weak. She looked at me and said,"Don't feel good." I tried to figure out what hurt, but she just could not get the words out tonight. So I went on mother's intuition, and assumed since I just got over the flu a couple days ago, that she must have it now. She was exhausted, and so lathargic, but no fever. Bless her heart, my heart goes out to all those little angels who can't tell us what hurts, and when it hurts!! It is hardest on me when she is sick or hurt, as I know you all must feel the same!
One other thing happened that scared the hell out of me, and this has nothing to do with apraxia, but everything to do with being a mom. My husband and I were smelling perfumes, and I knew Halley was beside me, because she brushed up against me. Then 2 seconds later, I heard Kenny say, where's Halley?, I yelled, "what do you mean...Where's Halley?", I looked all around and could not find her, and looked behind me, and there was an escalator, I ran over there, and looked downstairs, and did not see her, Kenny was looking everywhere else. I freaked! Oh my God, I thought, she's gone!! This can't be happening, all because I was smelling perfume...This felt like 10 minutes, but I think just a minute had passed, and a lady yelled at me and told me they found her. Geez, we all know not to take our eyes off our child, but we do it anyways. My life would have ended right then and there had she actually been gone. She was in the store, following some lady, the lady did not even know it. I thank God that I found her, that was my warning sign, do not take your eyes off your child, even for a minute, because they can disappear! How precious she is to me, she is my life! (Thanks for listening!)

December 23, 2001

Yesterday, Halley was still feeling pretty sick, she was complaining that her neck hurt. She did not have a fever, and I was still assuming that she might have the flu. She did her best to explain that she hurt her neck with the dog leash, she made the motion like she was trying to put the leash on her head, so I really have no clue. I must admit though, her words were gone. It was like it was almost a year ago or even more than that. She was not even opening her mouth. It really scared me, why now is she showing these huge signs of regression, she is still on the 2-3 per day, mainly two, as I can't seem to get more than that into her at this point. I gave her the Pro-Efa in the mid-afternoon, and within a couple of hours her words seem to be better, but still the regression----today her words are still very limited. Very much small talk it seems. Not copying very many words, she had her Pro-Efa (2), just like always..not sure what to do...probably will post something to Lisa or Dr. Stordy. Tonight, I asked her where all her words went, and she smiled and showed me this stuff animal lion, and pointed under his I asked if the Lion ate them, she said, Nay, and I told her she needed to get them back from the Lion, and she laughed. I tried to make it a game, but really I am worried, it has been two days, and I really have forgotten what it was like so long ago...kindof ironic as I am trying to write the page on Life Before Pro-Efa...hmmm..

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