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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
Weekly Log Page for November 15-21

Thursday, November 15, 2001

Here is the new word she said today, ladder, sounded like addie.
Tonight she fell asleep in about 15 minutes. The temper tantrums have all but ceased. If I ask her to do something, she will say, "nay momma" and it is done.
Her speech therapist left a message on my machine today, and she told me that Halley has been doing so well!

Friday, November 16, 2001

What a great Friday!
Here are the words that Halley said today:
(new) Coffee - doppee
(better) Pacey - Payee
(better) Jax - Daa
(new) speak - bee
(new) cereal - digo
This morning when we woke up, she pointed at the cabinet where I keep the cereal, I told her to hold on I wanted to get my coffee started first, and this is what she said,"Ohh coffee yucky, ooh poopoo coffee". It sounded more like this, "ooh doppee yucky, ooh poopoo doppee". It was so funny, this was her first attempt at a joke verbally, outloud. We both just laughed.
Then tonight she was trying to make the dogs (all 4 of them), speak for treats. She said each one of their names, followed by speak, this is what it sounded like:
Payee bee (Pacey speak)
Daa bee (Jax speak)
Ahdy bee (Roxie speak)
Jill bee (Jill speak)

This is now the 4th night in a row, that she has fallen asleep in under 15 minutes. Apparently, the Pro-Efa is now calming her down some. She is now able to fall asleep fast, this is an all time first, it is extremely rare for it to ever be under at least 1 hour before she falls asleep.

Saturday/Sunday, November 17-18, 2001

Saturday - She has just been an angel! No temper tantrums, in fact she has been on her best behavior, I made sure to tell what a good girl she has been, and how helpful she has been. She has done everything asked of her, cleaning her room, picking up toys, whatever I have asked. After I ask her to do something, I get a real sweet, "Nay Mama" in return.
She actually sang for the first time, real words:
**No doubt in my mind (I'm a believer / From Shrek)
She read a book with me last night, and on command repeated every single word.

Monday, November 19, 2001

I picked up Halley from school, and her teacher was all excited about something, and could hardly get it out. First thing she said, was during speech therapy, Halley said,"I have to get my jacket", CLEAR AS A BELL! Both the teacher and ST, stopped and looked at each other, and were in shock! Then she said that earlier in the day, she said,"I want to get my blocks",clear as a bell. I spoke with her speech therapist on the phone today, and she told me how great Halley did today, and that she smiled at her, went right with her, and repeated everything she was told to. She said, she wasn't getting her hopes up though. Meaning that Halley must be having a good day, and she would not expect it the next time, but since she has started Pro-Efa, she has not given her hardly any problems whatsoever, and everytime I pick her up, she says that Halley was great. So whatever!!
Other words she said today:
Mini movie
(told the dogs to speak again by name, so this was not a random "apraxia" thing)
I will be making another list of all the words she can say, and says on a daily basis, to post to the home site page by the end of this week, I am looking forward to how many are going to be on there!

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Today, I had a parent/teacher conference with her teacher. She told me Halley was doing so well, and I mentioned to her my concerns about Halley and her fine motor skills, such as coloring and writing her letters. She assured me that she was right with the other children in her class, and has come a long way since the beginning. She showed me where Halley tried to write her name, there were all H's on the page. She cut, colored, and pasted a circle on the page. Halley drew a picture of her house, it was an odd shape circle with dots in the middle. She told me how impressed with Halley's puzzle skill she was.
I also ate lunch with Halley today, she seemed to play well with the other kids. It was funny, at one time after lunch, I sat down in a small chair, and all of a sudden I look up and am surrounded by about 6-4 year olds. One was curling my hair, one was brushing my hair, two of them were feeding me plates of play food, and two of them were talking to me. I was bombarded by these children. Halley got a little jealous, until I got her to participate with the other children.
In speech today, once again, I got a good report!

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Halley did not have school today. Her speech therapist came to out house, they went to her room, and at first she whined, but that stopped after a minute or two, and when they were done, her ST told me how well she did. We talked for a minute and she told me how the words just seemed clearer, and that she is noticing how Halley is saying more structured sentences.