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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
The beginning..... (10/17/01)

Today I started the Pro-Efa capsules. I opened the bottle, and WOW, they were huge. I decided to mix them in some juice, and when I punctured the capsule and squeezed it, it shot all over the kitchen. Ok, second capsule, I mixed with some juice, and got in the glass this time. The oil from the capsule just sat on top of the juice, I knew there was no way Halley would drink this. So I opened up the fridge, and started looking, I found some cups of yogurt that she likes, and mixed the capsule in there. At the time I was on the phone with my mom, who told me I must taste it. I was hesitant, but I tried it, it was disgusting! I had no idea how Halley was going to eat this!! I gagged a few times, while my mother laughed at me. (I had a bad expereince with cod liver oil, and it just took me back.)
When Halley got home, I gave her the yogurt, to my surprise, she ate the whole cup of yogurt, only stopping for a second, to think about the texture. (It leaves an oily taste in your mouth.) We were on our way!
If you decide to try these, mix them with whatever you can, or however you think will work for your child.
***To learn more about the Pro-Efa capsules, click on the link below to The Cherab Foundation.***

Halley's Current Vocabulary

This is a list of her current vocabulary as of October 17, 2001.

yes (nay) / apple (appie) / no / office (oppie) / help (elp) / mommy / me / daddy / go / video (digo) / Japanese (Japese - favorite food) / Gebo (her pre-k teacher's name) / cold (gold) / taco (dado) / book (boo) / Arby's / ghost (go) / cheese (deez) / look (loo) / cookie (dookie) / Halley (aly) / chips / Miller (migger) / milk (dilk) / puppy / juice (jui) / kitty (titty) / letter of alphabet (a,b,d,e,g,t,i,o) / meow (ow) / little / numbers (2, 3 (dee), and 4 (bour)) / ow / pig (big) / room (boo) / Minnie (Bibbie - name she calls her grandmother) /papaw (grandfather) / Buzz (bu) / Gee (name she calls her aunt Angie) / Steve (uncle) / beast (bee) /
Zoe (DoeDoe -her cousin) / baby (say with a soft a) /
Kesiah (dedia -cousin) / happy / bottle (boppie) / ball (ba) / now / teeth (tee) / bath (ba) / shower (popee) /
spray (da) / tv (tb) / brush (bu) / pie

There are 65 words listed here, there may be a few more she can say, and the majority of the time, she can put two of these together, however, if she tries to put more than 2 together at a time, everything becomes scrambled.

The Cherab Foundation

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