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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
Weekly Log Page for November 9-14

Starting on Monday, November 12, instead of describing our day, I will be adding a list of new words she says, and mentioning frustrations she may have. I will be listing anything out of the ordinary with her.

This all started on October 17, 2001. We are now approaching the one month mark. I have seen great improvements in the speech area, everyday there are more and more new words. Repeating words are not a problem for Halley. She now wants to sign, and does not give her regular speech therapist a hard time. Every week when I see her SLP, she gives me a thumbs up, we were lucky to see that once every six months before. The Pro-Efa has made all the difference in the world. To me, it has been the miracle I have been waiting for.

Friday, Novemeber 9, 2001

No Friday meltdown! What else can I say, we had a good afternoon. By 6 pm, she started to get a little grumpy, I fed her, gave her a bath, and put her to bed by 6:45 pm. I decided she needs to go to bed early on Fridays since they are so hard for her, this seemed to work.

Saturday/Sunday November 10-11, 2001

Saturday and Sunday were great. No behavior issues, she seems to have a better control of herself.
Her speech is great! She adds new words everyday, she is repeating everything I say, now I know she can repeat me. Sunday, she was very chatty. We actually told her to take a breath! She was speaking in full sentences, not 3 word sentences, but full sentences, and though only a few words could be understood, she seems to be progressing at a steady level.

Monday, November 12, 2001

I remembered this morning that Halley did not get her Pro-Efa yesterday. Today, her words were very limited. She spoke on the phone with my sister, and she was grunting, and having a very hard time talking to her. She seemed tired, I am not sure if not taking it yesterday had any effect, but she had a hard time communicating today.
When I picked her up from school, and asked her how her day went, she just folded her arms, gave me a dirty look and said, "uh-uh". I told her if she did not feel like telling me about her day, that was fine, I understood. I asked her if she felt like she was having a hard time with speech today, and she said, nay. I told her it was ok, we all have bad days and not to worry about it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

The words were better today than yesterday, but I have to say no new words that I noticed. She sang the ABC song with me this morning, had the tune down, but just made up the words, or letters I should say. I put her to bed at 8:10, and by 8:15 she was out. I told my hubby, he kindof looked shocked, and then asked if she was ok. We both kindof laughed, and looked at each other. She must have been exhausted!

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

She woke up in a great mood. Chatty as can be. Most I could not understand, but she hardly took a breath. She looked at the calender, and saw days that were marked where there was no school, and said,"Halley no school." Then I yawned and stretched, and she said,"Mommy sleepy?" (This she said in a question form, changing the tone, some children with apraxia have low or no tone.) Then she was playing on the phone, and kept saying,"Hello". (New word never said before)