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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
Weekly Log Page for October 25-31, 2001

Week Two - On Pro-Efa

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Today, no new changes, seems to be holding at a steady pace. Halley can repeat words on command, though the pronunciation may not be quite right, she does not appear frustrated.

Friday, October 26, 2001

I like to call Friday, "Friday Melt Down Day". For good reason, every Friday, all behavior goes out the door. I am not sure if it is just from exhaustion from being in school all week, or what. Today held its name just fine. She was very uncooperative, in fact we went to Blockbuster Friday evening, and she wanted candy, I told her no, and right in the middle of the store (on the way out..I saw what was coming) she screamed at the top of her lungs, NOOOOOOO!!) It sounded as if someone was hurting her. She very seldom will do this in public, let alone home. She does have meltdowns occasionally, and this was just ugly. She did not seem to have difficulty with speech, just with behavior today. It was embarrasing, and I see children do this, and I do not judge other parents, because, sometimes your kids are just going to do this, my husband on the other hand, was just beyond himself. He sees children do this, and blames the parents for not controlling their children, but hey, men do not always "get it" anyways.

Saturday/Sunday, October 27-28, 2001

Today, everything seemed to be fine. Halley is learning her signs and using them more than she ever has. I will be putting a list together of all of her current words and sentences, because I believe there are way more than before I started the Pro-Efa. Tonight, we went to eat Mexican, just like every Saturday night, Halley was so excited. We get there, and she always get a "baby quesidilla", but tonight she was complaining of a tummy ache, and would not eat, which is odd for Halley, she eats very well. During dinner, we went to the bathroom 3 times, once she needed to go, then she thought she had to poop, then she thought she was going to throw up, she did not, but she was just feeling bad. She had a nap earlier in the day. On the way home, her head just kept nodding, she could not keep her eyes open, just then, 5 minutes before we got home, she started complaining her tummy hurt, I told her we would be home in a minute, and just just whined, "no". So we are now 2 minutes from home, and here it comes...projectile...(Ok, I will spare the details..some of them anyways) She got sick 5 times in the car on the way Daddy's truck...(snickering to myself). She seemed to feel really bad.

She is not feeling herself today, as to be expected. She is on the lathargic side. She ate breakfast, but just seems to be laying around today. She is talking well, and that is good.
I can't get her to eat anything, so needless to say she will not be getting the Pro-Efa today, I sure hope that this does not interfere with her progress.

Monday, October 29, 2001

Halley told me last night, she did not want to go to school today, and I decided to play it by ear. I woke up this morning and she said her tummy still hurt, so I kept her home. She is feeling better, but still has diarhea( not have to spell that word too much), I gave her some yogurt, with the Pro-Efa in it, and she would only eat two bites. She is still not hungry, and she keeps telling me "yucky", for everything. If she is not better, we will be taking a trip to the doctor tomorrow. I do not want to stop the Pro-Efa, but I can't get anything down her. Pepto Bismol was hard enough. She has been saying quite a bit today, a little chatter box. She has been saying "Minnie" all day, (Sounds like Bibbie)(my mom's name). I started counting and as of right now..3pm, I counted 110 words, and I am sure there are a few more, which is 45 more words than two weeks ago. The words are much clearer. My mom said that she used to talk almost like a deaf child, almost mumbles and now she said she sounds like a little girl.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Today, Halley was very grumpy. Actually just defiant. She did not want to get dressed, brush her hair, nothing. I know she has not felt good, but this morning, she said she felt fine. She woke up at 6 am, and wanted to go to school. Maybe it was just that she still did not feel herself. She came home from school a little better. Seemed to be a little happier, I asked her what was wrong, and she told me nothing. YES, she told me "NOTHING". She did miss one day of the Pro-Efa, and I hope this does not effect anything. Tomorrow is Halloween, and we are going trick or treating, she had been practicing saying, "Trick or Treat." It sounds like treetree, but that is ok. She is going to dress up like Jasmine from Aladdin. She is going to be in a parade tomorrow, so she is really excited. Big Day!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Today, Halley woke up in a great mood, she was excited about the whole day. She got to wear her costume to school. When I picked her up she told me she had fun at the parade. I told her we would be going trick or treating soon. She said, "NAY!!".
We went trick or treating with some friends and their children. She lagged behind, but tried to keep up, the other kids were older than her. We went to my neighbor's house first and she said, "TRICK OR TREAT!", and I told her how well she did, and that she had the whole idea of this trick or treating thing down, she agreed. We came across a few houses where the people tried to make her say trick or treat, she just stared at them and shook her head no. It is frustrating, because the general populations "assumes" that she can talk, and one lady just stood there and waited, and waited, but eventually gave her candy. I did not say anything, because I did not want to make Halley feel uncomfortable. She was fine doing it her way. She had a great time. It is hard to sit there and watch that, but this was Halley's night, and I know that most people are not educated about apraxia. Halley has a great self esteem, and I want to keep it that way.