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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)
Ideas for your apraxic child

Below you will find books and websites containing items and ideas in helping your child communicate.
I have found that teaching sign language to my daughter has been very helpful, it lessons the frustration on both of us. If you have any ideas or suggestions that have worked for you please contact me and I will post them for others.


Can I Help?
Caring for Young Children

(All 3 of these are by S. Harold Collins, and distributed by Garlic Press. These are in a series of Beginning Sign Language.)

More Simple Signs by Cindy Wheeler

My First Book of Sign Language by Joan Holub

Do 2 Learn (Picture Cards and other material that may help your child communicate with you)

Here are some tips that I have found very useful in helping Halley communicate and to help keep the frustration (for both of us) at a minimum:

** Avoid putting child on display - such as, "Tell Grandma..."

** Encourage your child, when they get a word wrong, do not tell them no, it is said like this....instead use positive phrases, such as "Yes, that is a cat."

** Avoid putting pressure on them, do "make" them say the words or they do not get something. I found that this just does not work, and can lead to agressive behavior issues. Unfortunatly, I tried this on my own, with the advise of a speech therapist, and it backfired.