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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)

March /April 2002

Things have been crazy lately, and I have been so busy, so I will add a short update on Halley's progress since February up until the end of April!

April 27, 2002
Well, it seemed like March went by so fast and now I see April is gone too. I have to admit up until this week, Halley's progress has been slow from her last boost until now. She was staying at about the same level, and at times it felt depressing. Now this week she has had a boost, and looking forward to speech therapy for the first time ever. Her teachers said she waited for her therapist, and could not wait to see her. They worked on ending sounds and 2 word sentence this week, and she has done great. She even told me by signing that Daddy is a boy, no no not a girl. It was awesome, to actually have a real conversation with her whether it be by signs or verbal communication, I take what I can get!
She is still taking Pro-Efa, although I have to admit inconsitently, as things have been hectic for us. Today, she went to her first Cranial-Sacral Therapy Session, very interesting therapy actually, very similar to massge, but with a whole different concept. As much problems as I have seen with conventional doctors, I decided to try a little new age therapy, to see the results. Right after the therapy (which lasted a whole hour), she was in her own world, she was answering yes to every question, almost ignoring me, but answering and not listening to the sentence. The about 10-15 minutes later she got this incredible boost of energy, more than she normally has, out of control, happy-but bouncing off the ceiling of my car. Singing her favorite song at the top of her lungs! Her speech was not any clearer, but defintely very chatty, I told her she was a chatter-box, and she said, "ME?", I said yes, and that is great! I will do another session next week, and will keep this site posted to any changes I see in her. Right now she looks extremely tired, and has dark circles under her eyes.