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Halley's Progress (Online Diary)

February 2001

February 5, 2001

Well Halley stayed out of school all last week and Friday she was feeling much better, though she still was not hungry. By Saturday she was at least eating again...not much, but at least eating. Sunday she was back to her normal self. She still has not taken any Pro-Efa, as she does not have much of an appetite, and forcing that on her right now just does not seem like a good idea. So basically she has been off for over two weeks, and until today I have noticed no changes. Well...then today, she was not using hardly any words, grunting alot, and very, very grumpy. She was getting mad at things normally would not upset her. She seems to have forgot her words really. She gets upset at the littlest thing, like today she could not get her mitten on and just started crying. Her teacher told me that at school she wanted Mommy alot today. She still is using her signs, and tonight I came in on the computer and she attempted to spell her name on a game this is what it looked like: hhhhhyyyyy, not bad, kindof like the apraxia, missing certain letters! (Ha-Ha) She knows her colors by sight, and she seems to be able to count, I ask her how many and she can tell least up to 5 anyway. I will start her back on the Pro-Efa if by the next couple of days she is not better, I sent her to bed early tonight to see if that might be the problem. Her speech therapist told me that she did quite well on Monday, and I am waiting to see how she does for tomorrow's session also. I guess it's just a little experiment with the Pro-Efa, but I know the outcome, she will go right back on it!!

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