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Apraxia Angels
Another Great Kid's Story!

This is a story about amazing results one mother saw about her son Jack and his results with Pro-Efa! This story is also posted on his page at Apraxia Angels. I just wanted to post this twice as I love hearing success stories and how they change our lives for the better!

    I am writing about the dramatic results that we have had regarding EFA's and our Apraxic son Jack.
    I have to be honest that before trying EFA's with Jack I was extremely skeptical about their effects and how it was possible that a little oil could possibly help my son, but I also had read so many parents reports of their children actually saying words. I may have not wanted to get my hopes up but my true feeling was, I would be crazy not to try it since it is basically a supplement that the majority of the country is lacking and besides it would not hurt him.
     I started the Pro-Efa 1 week after a official diagnosis of Moderate-Severe Oral Apraxia, Sensory Intergration Dysfunction, and at risk for PDD. You have to know that Jack never attempted to verbalize or even socialize with anyone which would account for his at risk by a psychologist of PDD. He had about 10 words and they were fairly intellegible but mostly to me who is with him all day.
     I started him with 1 pill that he had in his juice every morning. I have to admit that I was hoping to be the lucky parent who would see results within 1 week but also knew that it could take up to 6-8 weeks to see a result, so I guess you could say I was waiting for a miracle.
    2 weeks after starting the pro-efa, we noticed more sounds coming out, sounds that were obvious attempts at words, we heard about 10 new ones at that point and we were amazed, excited, and literally our prayers had been answered. After 4 weeks on the pro-efa, we started to notice Jack's attempt at socializing with others and his attempts at communication were way above our dreams. He was coming out with words and sounds that we could not beleive, he was now saying mama, dada, and never stopped. I would say he said about 2 new words a day and has been non stop since then. It was like having a different child within 1 month, the old Jack was gone and the new one was here and we liked the new one, and so did JAck. I remember the first time during all this when he wanted a banana and said to me "Bamana ease!" (Banana please!) it was the first time that it did not take 25 minutes to figure it out and I got it on the first try he was so excited he started to jump up and down and laugh hysterically. It was confirmation that Jack knew something was happening and it was truly Awesome! This new Jack was the one I had always knew was in that little body somewhere just waiting for the opportunity to come out. The pro-efa had now given  him the confidence to attempt words, interact with others and get more out of his speech therapy session.
His Speech therapist was amazed as well as the other therapist working with him. They noticed his attempt and things that they use to ask him to say he was now saying on his own without being prompted. It was as if he made up about 12 months of development in about 2 months.
    Around december I decided to start Jack on 2 pills a day instead of 1. I noticed a minor difference since the first pill but it also took about 1 week, he was starting to use 3 word sentences, his play skills increased where he actually wanted others in his play and when someone would call like my sister or parents he wanted for the first time to speak on the phone to them, although they would only get bits and peices of what he was saying the fact that he wanted to even hold the phone was a miracle in itself, while he still isn't crazy about the phone when he does want to speak he tells these storys, stories imagine he tells stories 3 months ago he was not talking at all, not attempting to speak and not socializing.
My family could not believe his transformation, and to tell you the truth neither could I.
    It is now April, 02 and my goodness what a differnce 7 months makes or should I say what a differnce Pro-efa's have been in JAck's life. He is now going to be 3 next month and since September he has made significant progres. He is now using up to 5 word sentences has been re-evaluated by his developmental pediatrician and SLP who by the way saw him in February and they hadn't seen him since last September and could not believe the difference in him, and when I told them that it was the pro-efa they were beyond words. They told me that even though his diagnosis is still oral apraxia it has gone from moderate to severe to just moderate. He does not stop talking now and I find myself at times asking him to be quiet, which is the hardest thing for me to do since all I ever wanted for him NOT to be quiet, but it just shows he is making progress and is acting more like a typical 3 yr old. He is pretty much completly potty trained and always tells me when he has to go that is just a huge bonus. 
    We could not be happier with what Pro-Efa's have done for Jack, they have given my son a voice that is so much music to my ears. Efa's have been a miracle for us but they have been more Jack's miracle. It has givin Jack words and confidence, and now when he talks back to me which is a little to often I find at the time that under my obvious irritation there is a huge smile!