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Apraxia Angels
Brooke's Page



Brooke is a very shy individual until you get to know her. She loves life and loves to laugh and just be silly in general. She loves animals, especially her dog. She loves puzzles, coloring, books, playing gameboy, playing cards and with her blocks, and wrestling with her brothers and her dad. She loves to help with whatever you are doing: cooking, cleaning, and even folding the laundry. If you need help, just ask Brooke, she is more than willing to help out.
Brooke is very loving and always loves to give and receive hugs and kisses. Whenever one of the family comes home, Brooke will run outside to greet you, and give you a big hug. She will run outside whether she has her coat and shoes on or not, no matter what Mom says.
Brooke is always using her head also and very good at problem solving. Currently, she is working on writing her name, she can write it all but, we are still working on the K. She knows her alphabet, colors, and her numbers, we are currently working on counting things .
Brooke attends pre-school three times a week at one of our local churches. She enjoys going to school and playing with all of the other kids. She has speech therapy twice per week for an hour each session. She loves her Speech Therapist, Mrs. Val. Brooke goes to a babysitter while Mommy and Daddy work. Everyday when Mommy goes to pick her up from the sitters, Brooke will ask if we get to go and see Mrs. Val today. If it is the day for therapy she will jump up and down and yell, "Yeah!" If it's not Mommy will tell her how many days until she gets to go and see Mrs. Val.
I will tell you that when you child has trouble verbalizing, you don't know what they know and what they don't. Some days Brooke will just amaze me. For instance, not long into therapy she was just learning to sign and if she really tried during therapy, then she would get to pick out a prize out of the prize box. First of all, she has to sign I want surprise, please. On this day, Brooke had a exceptional day, and she signed, I want surprise NOW please. I didn't even know that she knew all of those signs, after all she had just started learning to sign. On a day more recently, she took all of the numbers off of the calendar. She would pick them up, IN ORDER, and take them to Mrs. Val and Mrs. Val would show her how to sign them. Brooke would them sign them and put them up on the calendar. She did this up to number 28!!!!!!
I am very proud of my daughter. I also admire her for her patience!! I cannot imagine living in a world like she does; knowing what she wants to say but, not having the ability to verbalize it. She is a very loved person and I can not imagine this family without her.

Brooke's Word List:

Hey (her brother)
Na Na Hey (her other brother)
Yes (aa)
Ice (I)
Gum (um)
Uh-huh (yes)
Night-Night (duh duh)
Love You (duh duh)
Me (EE)
Dog (makes kissing noise)
Please (EE while signing)
Cindy (ciddy)
Mom EE
Bye-Bye (brrm-brrm)
ho ho
Cold (ol)
Hot (Ha)
Another One (na na)
Letters (a,b,d,e,I,o,p,)
Uh-uh (no)
Yee Haw (HeeHaw)
counting (na-na, na-na, na-na, ie. Another one, another one, another one)
Dont know

This is after starting ProEFA:

Ice Cream (Ice EEM)
No (na)
For me (or me)
Letters (t, d,)


Brooke with her brothers-Stanley and Brandyn

About Brooke's Speech:

She could say 42 before the ProEFA. No she is up to, 46. But she is using 2 and 3 word sentences and the words are coming easier now; she doesn't have to think about how to say them before they come out.
She has not been diagnosed with Apraxia, even though all of her ST's have said that they believe that this is what she has. I think all together she has had 3 therapists. I did have an eval done by an OT to see if he thought that she needed therapy to help with coordinating her fingers to form letters and numbers. He said no, that he thought that it was Apraxia causing it and to just keeping practicing and she would be fine. He said that there was no weakness, just coordination which is caused by the Apraxia, which I felt was a big relief. She does seem to be signing her numbers and letter better since we began the ProEFA. She has been on the ProEFA since Nov. 7, 2001.