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Kids Talk Back!
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Halley 2005

Welcome to Kids Talk Back! A site designed for parents of children with apraxia. Check back often as I will update information as it becomes available to me.

Contact Liz

IT IS 2006!!  It has been a long time since an update has occurred for this web-site and my has life changed for all of us!! Please pardon the construction as I am trying to update the entire site to include current information about us!  Please feel free to email me, as I have now updated the email link and I can actually respond to visitors now!!  I hope this site helps or encourages you and your child to become educated and informed about speech and the many disorders that are associated with apraxia.

Newest information on life now!!

The CHERAB Foundation

CHERAB stands for "Communication Help, Education, Reasearch, Apraxia Base." Non-profit organization dedicated to the education and research of speech delays and disorders with a focus on apraxia.

Verbal Dyspraxia

Carolina Verbal Dyspraxia Support Group Home Page.

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