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Halley's Progress Page

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Halley's Online Diary

Here you can click to the link of Halley's Online Diary. This link will redirect you to this site. There you will find all there is to know about Halley and her speech progress.
I have started giving Halley the Pro-Efa supplements and started documenting her progress online. There you can also find a mailbag, where I answer questions about apraxia, and concerns of other parents. Click on the link for the online diary and check it out!!


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Halley's Vocabulary at 4 years old

(Prior to her taking Pro-Efa)

This is a list of her  vocabulary as of October 17, 2001.

yes (nay) / apple (appie) / no / office (oppie) / help (elp) / mommy / me / daddy / go / video (digo) / Japanese (Japese - favorite food) / Gebo (her pre-k teacher's name) / cold (gold) / taco (dado) / book (boo) / Arby's / ghost (go) / cheese (deez) / look (loo) / cookie (dookie) / Halley (aly) / chips / Miller (migger) / milk (dilk) / puppy / juice (jui) / kitty (titty) / letter of alphabet (a,b,d,e,g,t,i,o) / meow (ow) / little / numbers (2, 3 (dee), and 4 (bour)) / ow / pig (big) / room (boo) / Minnie (Bibbie - name she calls her grandmother) /papaw (grandfather) / Buzz (bu) / Gee (name she calls her aunt Angie) / Steve (uncle) / beast (bee) /
Zoe (DoeDoe -her cousin) / baby (say with a soft a) /
Kesiah (dedia -cousin) / happy / bottle (boppie) / ball (ba) / now / teeth (tee) / bath (ba) / shower (popee) /
spray (da) / tv (tb) / brush (bu) / pie

There are 65 words listed here, there may be a few more she can say, and the majority of the time, she can put two of these together, however, if she tries to put more than 2 together at a time, everything becomes scrambled.

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